Vincent Mallory Edgerton (Semya Slotin Mystery Book 4)

Ngontang Mba

Vincent Mallory Edgerton is a capable FREGG operative, which is a secret crime fighting organization that doesn't answer to any government. Forced to assume a new identity and go into a deep undercover assignment after a botched attempt on his life, he crosses path with Semya Slotin, a beautiful and highly competent detective. Semya, who is tracking down a missing person, is drawn to the enigmatic Vincent, whom she knows as Josh, and a romance ensues. Little does she know that she’s related to the people who put the hit on him, and he can’t tell her. 

“Vincent Mallory Edgerton” is the fourth book in the Semya Slotin Mystery Series, and although it can be read as a stand-alone novel, it would be easier to understand if the series were read in sequence. This fast-paced mystery thriller starts with the first three chapters of the previous book, transitioning the story line from the past. The delivery, which alternates between the past and the present, hinders the conveyance, along with the editing issues that disrupt the flow, makes it easy to lose focus. However, the plot keeps the reader engaged and in suspense until the very end, which leaves many unanswered questions.

Despite these issues, this book keeps one turning the pages with its twists and turns, interesting secondary characters, scorching sex scenes, and multi-layered main characters, as it takes the reader on a thrilling suspense-filled roller coaster ride! 

Janna Shay