Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon (Eddie Collins Mystery, #3)


Eddie Collins is still trying to make it in Hollywood, but until he does, PI work keeps him busy. When an old flame from his past named Carla, also known as Velvet La Rose, comes looking for help tracking down her missing brother, Frankie, Eddie finds himself caught up in a mystery fit for classic noir.  As he searches for clues among the homeless, Frankie’s old Army friends, and an assortment of movie industry characters, Eddie will have to chase every lead to find the truth. Meanwhile, with their fates aligned once more, Eddie is taking every opportunity to explore a renewed relationship with the stunning actress. When the search for Frankie puts Carla in danger, Eddie must pick up the pace and find answers, or risk losing Carla for good this time.

A contemporary mystery with a classic gumshoe feel, “Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon” is the third book in the Eddie Collins Mystery series. Although the book can be read as a stand-alone, it is best to read the series in order to avoid spoilers. With an older but lively main character and a sultry heroine, this book oozes steam, balanced nicely with a complicated mystery. Packed with action, romance, and intrigue, the story only lacks standout side characters and an interesting setting to take it to the next level. Overall, lovers of contemporary romance and classic mysteries will find this book hard to overlook.

Sarah E Bradley