Vanishing Act


"Vanishing Act" is the continuation of a story begun in a previous book.  Jamie Richmond and the mysterious cop Malone have settled into a relationship, and are in the process of moving in together.  Jamie’s friend Linda has just come home after spending time with her ill mother. Linda is an extremely beautiful, voluptuous woman; and it isn’t long before she strikes up a friendship with the charming, sophisticated Vince Schulte.    

Things are just settling into a routine with Jamie and Malone, when a troubled youth enters their lives needing the stability of attention from Malone.  Linda is having problems of her own.  After receiving some mysterious gifts, she is feeling like she is being stalked.  When some unnerving incidents and then an act of flagrant vandalism occur, Linda becomes fearful for her safety.  Eventually the stalker is apprehended; but shortly after that, Linda disappears.  Jamie is concerned for Linda’s life, and wonders who could have kidnapped her if her stalker is in jail.

The plot line showed some possibilities; but unfortunately, the story meandered around aimlessly and ultimately went nowhere.  There were long, detailed, ponderous descriptions of going to the gym and the two women living their daily life.  The story was a lot of talk, but nothing much ever happens or makes any sense. The juvenile conversations were a bit disconcerting, and all the silly nicknames used throughout the book were beyond annoying. The characters were likable enough, but the reader is simply unable to get any real feel for them, or care what happens to them.  The story is well-written, but ultimately not particularly interesting.

Faith Turner