Vangie Vale & the Murdered Macaron (The Matchbaker Mysteries #1)


Vangie Vale cannot afford to draw attention. A  part-time pastor and baker, she seeks only to stay under the radar long enough to prove to the denominational offices that she can do her work faithfully and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, when a box of her macarons is found at  a crime scene, Vangie promptly is caught up in a murder investigation. Her gut instinct is screaming that the prime suspect is innocent, and as her job as a pastor opens doors (and people’s mouths), she soon discovers there is more going on than the Sherriff suspects. If she doesn’t act quickly the real killer might get away.

"Vangie Vale & the Murdered Macaron” is a complex mystery, and a welcome beginning to the “The Matchbaker Mysteries” series. The book showcases a complicated and troubled heroine with a past that is never fully revealed. Vangie’s insights into people are interesting and keep the story moving. With the mystery keeping the pace, romance is kept to a minimum, constrained by whatever trouble Vangie had in her past. The mystery itself lies somewhere between a cozy and hard detective story — it has a nosy amateur detective, but ends on a slightly dark note. Despite the few unanswered questions about her background, and the Sheriff’s attitude, this is one mystery series to keep an eager eye on!

Sarah E Bradley