An Unwilling Suspect

Jo A.

After the death of his fiancé, McLaren decides to get away and spend some time at an old farmhouse by himself. While there, however, he meets a woman named Helen. Soon his quiet vacation turns upside down when Helen is found dead outside the farmhouse. Now McLaren is the police’s number one suspect and with one officer determined to pin the case on him McLaren must prove his innocence. McLaren begins his own investigation questioning anyone who might have had a reason to kill Helen. Time is not on his side, however, and neither it seems are some of the locals. McLaren must race against the clock to not only clear his name but also save his life.

If readers are looking for an exciting mystery book that will keep them on their toes, then this book is for them. With a new twist on every page, readers won’t be able to put the book down. While the overarching plot of the book is interesting, the story still has its problems. It has the tendency to be repetitive, with McLaren learning new information and then spending pages retelling that same information to someone. Moreover, the book occasionally leaps ahead in the plot with McLaren suddenly knowing something that’s left out for the readers. This not only hurts the flow of the book, but it also causes readers to no longer have a line of logic to follow. Lastly, the book ends with some unanswered questions, which can leave one dissatisfied. Despite all this, the book is an enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys a good mystery.

Hannah Hurdle