Uncharted Territory (Angela Panther #3)

Carolyn Ridder

PARANORMAL:  Angela Panther is a housewife, mother, daughter and psychic medium. Reluctantly she has embraced her gift, and with her BFF Mel they will help deceased souls who aren’t able to move forward into the light. When a 14 year-old boy appears, not knowing his name or how he died, Angela and Mel will do their best to help Detective Aaron Banner determine if he jumped off a bridge intentionally or was murdered. That is, if she can keep her newly divorced BFF from jumping Detective Banner’s bones, because that would just be…awkward. Wouldn’t it?


Mel is not the only help Angela has to figure this case out.  Her mother Fran, who is also deceased, will help her along the way, and possibly drive her crazy as well. 


Oh Mmm Gee, be ready to laugh your butt off! This story has one of the best BFF relationships one will ever read, especially if one likes snarky, fast-witted characters. The dialogue between Angela and Mel will have tears streaming down one's face, not to mention Frans attempt at gang slang. This book is the third in the series but stands really well on its own. The only question the reader might have is how Angela came to be so gifted. Not only does the humor shine through, but the love that is felt between the characters does as well. Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is now a go-to author, and the wait for book 4 will be oh so very hard! Write fast Ms. Aspenson!


Lynne Bryant