Trouble at the Red Pueblo (Spider Latham Mystery #4)


Spider Latham is a Deputy Sheriff from Lincoln County, Nevada. He’s just buried his mother after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s, and finds some much needed distraction in an assignment to investigate a situation at the Red Pueblo museum in Fredonia, Utah. His wife, Laurie, goes along with him in order to visit her cousins who live in the same area. As Spider digs deeper, all threads of his investigation lead to one particular suspect. When that suspect turns up dead, Spider assists the local police in order to get the real murderer behind bars—no easy feat, when the dead man has ruffled so many feathers in the area with his womanizing ways and shady dealings. 

Spider Latham has a new fan! This scrumptious story by Liz Adair is a marvelously easy to read mystery, seasoned with rich descriptions of the red rock area of Utah and Arizona. The author draws in the reader with uniquely realistic storylines involving existing businesses and landmarks in the area. The characters are complex—so fleshed out and genuine, one would expect to see them firmly ensconced at the Museum, the local diner, or patrolling the area in an orange Yugo with flames painted upon it. Readers will love the bantering dialogue between Spider and Laurie, and they’ll pull for the Stetson wearing cowboy deputy from Nevada. Well written, well researched, and well done, Ms. Adair!

Lori Leger