Trecherous Beauties

Cheryl B.
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Annabelle Levee has lost her mother, her brother and her husband all within a six- month period. Her brother Alan’s death, though, is the one that haunts her.  Not just because of the suspicion surrounding the cause of death, but because his ghost frequents her nightmares. Apparently involved with another man’s fiancée, Anna’s brother was shot in the shoulder before falling to his death over the Rahunta Gorge, North Georgia. Many believe that Jason Forrester, the spurned fiancé, killed Alan in a jealous rage.

Convinced that she should visit the town and gorge where Alan died to find out more about his death and to lay to rest his ghost, Anna travels to the small town of Rahunta. The Forrester family business interests make them an influential force in and around the town. Taking a job as a receptionist at the Forrest Land Company, Anna comes face-to-face with Jason Forrester, the man many believed killed her brother.

Written in the first person from the heroine’s point-of-view, this is an entertaining mystery with a side serving of romance. The suspense, the mystery, the motive behind Alan’s death were written convincingly. The atmosphere was suitably suspenseful. Where Treacherous Beauties lost points was in the execution of the romance between Anna and Jason. This may be because the plot was more focused on the mystery with the romance secondary.  However, Treacherous Beauties is a solidly written romantic mystery with a slight paranormal twist.

Jill MacKenzie