Tide of Deceit (Coastal Redemption Book 1)


Cassie Taylor is looking forward to fun in the Florida sand and sun with her Aunt Betsy. When she arrives, Betsy is missing, and clues pointing to something being very awry are adding up fast.  When it becomes clear that Betsy is in serious trouble, Cassie meets Tanner Reid, the handsome deputy assigned to the missing person case. As Cassie and Tanner work together to uncover the clues to Betsy’s disappearance, their feelings for each other become heated and nearly impossible to resist.  Will they solve the case before someone gets hurt?  Will Tanner and Cassie let the mystery stand in the way of their feelings for each other?  

"Tide of Deceit" is a wonderful romantic mystery, with a fast-paced plot and a sweet but oh-so-steamy romance!  The romance between Cassie and Tanner is woven nicely into the main mystery plot and will engage readers until the very end. The villain’s monologue at the end felt a bit like a ‘Scooby-Doo’ episode, in its method used to wrap up the case.  Cassie is proclaimed the strong independent woman archetype, but this doesn’t come across, as her mood constantly shifts.  She moves from crying in every other chapter, to being angry, to being scared and frazzled, all very rapidly.  There are also times that details of the case were unnecessarily rehashed.  If the reader overlooks this handful of points needing some work, the story is a delightfully fun and fast read!    

MB Rose