Teeth of the Cocodrilo


Canadian expatriate Aaron Landers is forced onto a dark path through his connection to Yucatan State Police commandant, Luis Guiterrez. What is supposed to be an easy money scheme soon turns them onto a dark road. When an anonymous group asks Aaron to locate a pedophile in return for a huge amount of cash, Aaron accepts, but everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and Aaron finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for. 

Meanwhile, Aaron is desperate to win the heart of an alluring, enigmatic Mexican woman named Maria, but even that does not go well. Aaron’s teaming up with Luis seems to bring him more bad luck than anything else does. With no way out, Aaron taps into a dark side of himself that he never knew existed. 

While the plot of "Teeth of the Cocodrilo" is not original, it is fast-paced, and has quite a few unexpected twists and turns. However, it is not the plot that makes the book shine, but the characters. Aaron is a complex, intriguing protagonist with a compelling personality. Despite his many flaws, the reader will root for him anyway. Witnessing Aaron’s character growth and progress throughout the book is thoroughly entertaining, and one of the book’s greatest strengths. 

Majanka Verstraete