Tarnished Silver (Sterling Silver Mysteries #1)


Software developer Abby Strickland’s world turns upside down when she receives an inheritance of sterling silver. When the silver cake server she just sold is used as a murder weapon, she’s suspected of being the perpetrator based solely on circumstantial evidence. Abby knows that sterling silver can’t hide violent emotions that lead to violence and betrayal, so she takes action to protect herself.  She is lured to St. Michaels on the Chesapeake Bay and while scrutinizing the scene of the crime, she becomes enmeshed in a web of wealth, avarice, and secrets.  

A diabolical mystery, which could easily be a made-for-TV movie, “Tarnished Silver” is the first book of a new series. With a uniquely original plot line filled with rich detail, this story has the unemployed Abby Strickland constantly mired in the worry of how she is going to make ends meet. However, readers may feel they are left hanging a few times when threads of details are brought to bear but not followed through, leaving one to wonder as to the relevance of the inclusion of these details. Throughout this work, there appears to be some light editorial issues - missing words and fragmented sentences, as well as mild inconsistencies - but readers will also find some nuggets pertaining to historical east coast life, plus surprising educational facts regarding sterling silver. While not a romance, readers may get the sense that interest ignited in this installment may fully spark in future installments.

Roberta Gordon