Take a Chance on Love

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Marie Clark knew she didn’t have anything back home to keep her there. After her father died, she learned that he had gambled all his money away and had left her penniless. This was the perfect time to start over, and she was takes a position at Margrave Manor to be a companion and assistant to Lady Margrave. Soon after Marie’s arrival, parts of Lady Margrave’s expensive collection of Meissen dogs start to disappear and she worries that they might suspect her. The handsome, charming gardener, Matthew Hughs, befriends Marie. The contrasts in him fascinate her. He is wild and untamed in his looks, but incredibly orderly in his work. She loves to listen to him talk about the garden, especially about the roses. Her father also grew roses and that was one of the best memories she had of him. But the mystery of the stolen Meissen dogs hangs over them. Especially since they were stolen from a room that only Lady Margrave, Mrs. Johnson the cook, Matthew and Marie have a key to.

Cara Cooper weaves a story about new beginnings that can be ruined so easily by circumstances beyond control. The story of a penniless assistant has been told many times before and the attraction between Marie and Matthew is predictable. But Cooper manages to breathe new life into this story and makes it a delightful read!


Rose Mary Espinoza