Tainted Harvest (Simone Doucet Series Book 1)

E. Denise

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL: Simone Doucet is looking for something. Not entirely sure what she’s looking for, she takes on a writing assignment to a bed and breakfast in Mississippi, the Magnolia Sunrise. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself transported into someone else’s life each night. What she witnesses is horrific! Through the eyes of Delphine, she witnesses the awful things the poor woman went through. Delphine is determined to tell her story, and the only way she can do this is to haunt Simone and try to get her story across. Will Simone find what Delphine wants her to and see that the truth is revealed? Or will her message go undiscovered?

The first thing that really jumps out in this book is the plot. It is unique and will really appeal to fans of suspense and those who enjoy a good ghost story. There are some very descriptive scenes which may be hard to read, especially given the slavery aspect and the violence. All in all, the characters are dynamic, and E. Denise Billups has done excellent research into the era in which parts of the book are set.  The dialogue, which feels appropriate for the time period, really adds authenticity to the story. Simone and Delphine are both strong characters that readers will be able to relate to, particularly if they have gone through trauma themselves. The atmosphere of “Tainted Harvest” is gripping at times! A good page turner, great for a rainy spring night when there are a few hours to pass.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick