Swindler’s Revenge (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 5)


When the FBI interrupt Karina Cardinal’s morning by searching her apartment for her ex-boyfriend, Mike Finnegan, Karina knows something is majorly wrong. Her fastidious, FBI agent ex is the last person she would expect to steal 1.2 million dollars. She begins to investigate on her own, but the eyes of the FBI are on her: her apartment is bugged and she has a constant tail. Eventually, she draws in her friends at Silverthorne Security. As the charismatic Karina juggles her job in D.C., multiple burner phones, and a love triangle, both suspense and hilarity ensue.

Ellen Butler’s “Swindler’s Revenge” is an unputdownable adventure that will take readers on an electrifying yet light-hearted and humorous journey. Despite being part of a series, this book can easily be read as a standalone story. Each character is painstakingly developed, allowing even new to the series readers to connect with and care deeply for each and every one. The pace and overall story arc are well executed, never once dragging. At times, some events are perhaps a tad too fast-moving, glossing over certain details and events, but never enough to cause any real problems. Karina’s relationship with Rick could use a little more zing. Ms. Butler captured Rick’s aloofness effectively, but didn’t quite find the perfect balance of tension due to mutual attraction. Still, Rick’s charisma shines through, making readers root for a happy ending. The relationships between characters as well as the banter and crazy antics of Karina are what truly make this book. For a delightful cozy mystery feel interwoven into a big city world, readers can’t go wrong with this satisfying read. 

Shailyn Rogers