Summer's Squall


Abe Lankton is a busy Baltimore police detective, but when his cousin calls in a favor, he can’t turn her down. Unfortunately, his investigation has little to go on other than his cousin’s concerns and the victim’s fear. Yet, there is something about Summer Cooper that makes him want to look deeper. Summer isn’t sure why someone is stalking her, or if it’s just a series of pranks, but as fear continues to threaten to overwhelm her, she finds herself wanting to trust Lank with more than just her safety but also her heart. Unfortunately, she has more than one scar to hide, and with little evidence to go on, Lank needs a reason to stick around. Can Summer open up about her past or will Lank be forced to leave without his heart?

A contemporary romance mingled with a slow building mystery, “Summer’s Squall” is unique among its fellows because the mystery is executed in a realistic manner including the detective questioning the victim’s place in it. Further, the romance builds slowly, and at a reasonable pace. There are also some twists to the mystery that keep it from being solved too quickly but still reasonably. However, the overall pace is slow and even the mystery takes a while to get moving making it feel long. Still, the characters have depth and the story feels vivid enough to be a Hallmark mystery movie. Overall, a winner for fans of contemporary mystery and romance.

Sarah E Bradley