Styled For Murder (Bad Hair Day Mysteries Book 17)

Nancy J.

Marla is a hairstylist busy with her salon and baby Ryder. When her mom, Anita, calls because a dead body was found in her shower during a remodel, Marla gets pulled into sleuthing. Marla’s husband, Dalton, is a homicide detective willing to help with what he can, but it isn’t his case. As Marla digs deeper to try to solve the murder and remove any suspicion from her mom and her stepfather, Reed, she begins to uncover secrets that many would rather keep buried. Reed himself has a past he would rather keep to himself. Could she be putting her family in more danger by uncovering the truth?

Marla is an upbeat character. As she balances her busy life with solving crime, readers can relate to her balancing act and find themselves immersed in the mystery and trying to solve it alongside her. Nancy Cohen weaves a magnificent mystery with hints and clues interspersed throughout for the reader to find. The suspects are varied and unique, each with a motive of their own. Dalton, Marla’s husband, her best friend, Tally, and the ladies at the salon all work to help Marla flush out the truth. But everyone agrees that her safety and the safety of the family are the most important things. With a murderer tying up loose ends, can anyone be safe until the truth comes to light? As Marla gets close the reader will get close to the edge of their seat riveted by the story and eager to solve the mystery and keep Marla from harm. A fun and fascinating mystery to sink into.

Cara Cieslak