Strong Motive


Victim advocate Elizabeth Strong is used to being the one who helps those affected by crime.  What she isn’t prepared for is becoming a victim herself. When Detective Angel Martinez is assigned to the case, he makes it his mission to keep Elizabeth safe and solve the crime. When Elizabeth’s past comes back with a vengeance it’s up to Martinez to reassure her that they will find whoever is trying to hurt her while keeping his feelings in check.

While it is clear that K.C. Turner has done her research with regards to police procedure etc, there are many aspects of this novel that need to be improved. There is a lot of telling rather than showing and it feels like reading a lot of information - the "info dump". The dialogue seemed to flow better between Elizabeth and China and it was easy to see the connection between those characters. While the relationship between Elizabeth and Martinez develops throughout the story, it comes to a peak and sort of levels off at friends rather than developing into a romantic relationship. It was very difficult to imagine them becoming more than that as the story progressed.  With tighter editing and more character development, this book would be a very good and detailed read. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick