HISTORICAL:  Four years after WWI, Anthony Anselmo carries the burden of his older brother's death, the men who died on his watch, and the final request of his grandfather. It is the last that sends Anthony from his native Italy to the Italian community in Chicago Heights. There he meets Lina Bright, a doctor trying to establish herself in a man's world. Lina served on the front and understand the demons that haunt Anthony. Meanwhile, Anthony decides to take a job at the local steel mill. The conditions are poor, safety is non-existent, and loss of life is written off as an expense. When the workers demand more pay and better safety, matters get ugly. As Anthony navigates this new world and tries to fulfill his grandfather's request, he must also beware of the deadly danger that has followed him across the Atlantic.

"Strike!" is a sweeping narrative that pulses with emotions, hopes, and dreams of Italian immigrants and the working families of Chicago! The characters pull the readers into their lives with fascinating glimpses of history into worker's rights, the American Communist Party, Italian immigration, early medicine, and racial and religious interactions. Drama, suspense, honor, betrayal, and perseverance dominate the narrative. For all of the potential of the story, it badly needs a professional editor who can catch the mistakes evident in the story. Moreover, the editor should be familiar with the Italian language and culture as there were some issues there. Nonetheless, "Strike!" resonates with drama and tension and shares a little-known chapter of U.S. labor rights that will capture the imagination and remain with readers long after the story has ended!

Tricia Hill