Miranda Merrick, heiress to a shipping empire, desires to captain her own ship. She discovers that the family business is close to bankruptcy due to acts of sabotage and that her father wishes her to marry another shipping tycoon. Determined to discover the truth, she visits her uncle's ship only to end up a stowaway! Noah Sheppard intends to discover who is sabotaging the company before he risks merging his family business with the Merrick's. He doesn't expect to find a stowaway on board. "Randi Smith" is a mystery. She knows too much about ships, but she captivates him. Still, he has her cleaning and cooking for the crew while they travel from Charleston to Australia and back. As Randi becomes a target of the saboteur and more incidents happen, it's clear someone is determined to damage the shipping company. But how far will they go? And can Noah protect the feisty woman he has come to both admire and love?

"Stowaway" is an exciting romantic suspense tale set on the high seas. Miranda might be a society princess, but it's clear that she is a woman of depth and character. Her love of the sea and sailing is visible in her willingness to do whatever it takes to discover the saboteur, bring the person to justice and save her family's heritage. Noah is a fitting hero, who balances duty with the urges of his heart. The suspense is paced with brilliant precision to keep the reader hooked from start to finish. Stowaway, with its backdrop of cargo shipping, offers an exciting, intriguing tale that will have readers craving more!  

Tricia Hill