Sprinkles of Suspicion (Cupcake Catering Mysteries, Book 1)


In the space of 24 hours, Emory Martinez's life turns upside down. Discovering her best friend has betrayed her is nothing compared to finding her best friend dead. Suddenly Emory is the police's number one suspect! With her marriage falling apart, her job on the line, and the evidence stacking up against her, Emory sees a future behind bars if she doesn't find the real culprit. Determined to identify the person framing her, Emory sticks her nose in where it isn't wanted. Carrying a plate of cookies or cupcakes to smooth the way, she gathers plenty of information. In the process, Emory recognizes that her life wasn't everything she really wanted, and maybe she should reach for her dream of starting her own bakery. Except, she'll need to stay alive first because someone is set on extinguishing Emory's chances of cooking up another batch of cupcakes!

"Sprinkles of Suspicion" is a delightful and delicious addition to the cozy mystery genre! Emory is appealing on many levels and will engage readers the more they spend time with her. A great deal of this first story hangs on Emory's gullibility, which might be hard to believe for some readers, but this is balanced out by Emory's gumption trying to save herself. Ms. Davis deftly creates the essence of a small-town atmosphere in Southern California’s Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach/Irvine area. The late entrance of Tillie, an octogenarian with verve, provides hints of humorous and varied future installments. The mystery, characters, and mouth-watering recipes will charm readers until the very end. "Sprinkles of Suspicion" is a tantalizing start to a promising new series!

Tricia Hill