Sprinkled in Malice


Sally and Mike have both had their share of upsets, but being happily married with springtime around the corner is good news for both Sally’s bakery and Mike’s construction business. To celebrate Mike’s birthday Sally has decided to throw a special birthday party for him, only to have it ruined when he is shot in the store while is co-worker is killed in the same event. Doing a bit of digging, Sally discovers that Mike’s colleague has embezzled thousands upon thousands of dollars from them, and is the reason for the shooting. Racing the clock to find the truth behind what happened, Sally finds herself in more than one hard-to-explain situation though the puzzle pieces eventually manage to land in the right place to solve the crime. 

Thank goodness for writers like this! Not only does Ms. Bruns make the readers want to keep reading (and reading and reading…) but she also manages to engage the taste buds simply through words. And she includes recipes! The story itself is strong, though slightly predictable in some places. Even if the reader knows where the story will end up it, is still fun to go down these roads with the characters. The characters could pass as genuine people with their mannerisms, quirks, and speech patterns. The descriptions of the world are descriptive and easy to visualize. The audience should be warned, however, not to pick up this book unless they are prepared to read all the books by this author!

Yannie Sorensen