Spring Upon a Crime (A Seattle Wilderness Mystery Book 2)


Crystal Rainey is a wilderness guide by day and amateur sleuth by night… or on her days off. Crystal is thrust into solving who murdered Teddy Baranhof and it’s not her friend Roxie even if she was found standing over the dead man with the murder weapon dripping with blood clutched in her hand.  While Crystal searches out the truth and looks for clues and suspects, she interrogates everyone from the naked enviro protestors who have set up camp on the land, to the rough looking owner of a logging company, and the slick owners of the upscale vacation development that seem upset that Teddy wouldn’t sell to them. Crystal finds herself on the wrong side of the law many times, and finds herself in precarious circumstances, all the while she thinks her personal life is falling apart.

With lines like “you’re as useless as jellyfish in a square dance competition”, readers will find this fun, laugh out loud book satisfying, engaging, and well worth their time. The author makes the reader feel as if they are in Olympic National Forest with the characters. ML Erdahl has penned a story that is well rounded with moments of fear, laughter, love, and with friendship woven throughout the story. Readers will find this an enjoyable story, although in a few parts the pacing slows quite a lot, making some scenes seem to drag a little. There are plenty of moments where the reader will find themselves completely wrapped up in this tale, laughing and smiling at their e-readers. Absolutely not to be missed!

Heather Kroll