Split Seconds (Caspian Wine # 3)


Tijan has lived her life knowing she was an identical twin, but none of her mother's stories could replace the gut feeling that her sister was still alive.  After receiving a lead, Tijan sets out to uncover the truth.  August is a mechanic looking to fulfill his dying mother’s wishes.  When the Caspian Winery hires him, he has no idea that the woman he is initially attracted to is only a prelude to the one he is destined to love. When Tijan is reunited with her twin sister Tarin,  the secrets of their past are revealed, as well as their father’s dark business dealings. Can August and Tijan survive the deceit and ruthless kingpins?

Canada is the stage for "Split Seconds", the third installment in the Caspian Wine series, featuring “country mouse” Tijan as she sets off to the city to find her sister.  Tijan is very likable, and readers will revel in her reunion with her sister Tarin, and her budding romance with August.  The elements of mystery will also keep readers on their toes. However, numerous instances could irritate — a few choppy scene transitions and the furtive glances between characters from previous series installments are brought immediately to mind.  A light editing is needed to clean these things up. The premise of this tale shines through, however, and the complexities of the plot  will give suspense buffs a satisfying read. 

Jordyn Teel