Social Death


Cornelia Shaw, better known as Clyde to her friends, has made her job in television news her life. Working as a producer for FirstNews keeps her days and nights filled, which helps her abstain from her former vicesalcohol and sex. One Sunday she receives a call from her boss that will change her life forever in more ways than she can imagine. Secret after secret will be exposed as Clyde and her crew seek to uncover the story behind the brutal murder of socialite Olivia Kravis. Secrets that will affect the lives of many, but most especially Clyde, Olivia's best friend.   

Ms. Boncompagni takes the reader into the gritty, dog-eat-dog world of journalism with this thriller. The characters all live with the motto that the story must be told no matter the cost. Sometimes the costs are higher than one can imagine, and the reader discovers the dirty secrets behind the scenes of television news programs. Clyde is a dynamic character who had a rough life and she carries scars, both mental and physical. Olivia saved her life and with her death, Clyde faces many challenges which are portrayed quite well, such as staying on the sobriety wagon. The only stumbling point within the story is a tendency to drop into excessive details that slow the pace of an otherwise intense mystery. Murder, intrigue, danger, and secrecy will draw the reader in; the story will hold them until the last page.  

Penelope Anne Bartotto