Six Dogs 'til Sunday (Mae December #6)


Mae December, a well-known and well-liked member of Rosedale, believes she is safe and over her former fiancé Noah West. As she scouts locations for a film, she comes face to face with Noah's ghost, just months before her marriage to Sheriff Ben Bradley. Before long, unsavory people from Mae’s past, which connects to the location, start cropping up again and Sheriff Bradley steps in to protect her. However, in doing so he stumbles across a large ring of drugs, lies, and betrayal involving members of the community. To move forward and close his investigation he must trust Mae, his detectives, and his own feelings.

"Six Dogs 'til Sunday" is an ambitious read, with characters who work very hard to get the reader to like them. For the most part they succeed. There is no character development save for two exceptions, and one of them was a complete sideline from the main plot. This story is all over the place with its introductions; the audience meets everyone in the first couple of chapters with no way to know who is important.  Perhaps this is because "Six Dogs 'til Sunday" is the sixth and final installment in the series. In any case, it is virtually impossible for new readers to follow along if they start here — and this affects the rating. However, a strong point in the book's favor is that author Lia Farrell clearly sets out her protagonist's perspective, and for this, it deserves kudos.

Yannie Sorensen