A Silent Prayer


Adam Gibson is used to getting whatever he wants.  Money is no object, women are objects to be used, and work is his constant companion. Until he sees Raina…a young woman attending a meeting in one of his buildings and he falls instantly in love. There’s only one problem – Raina is neither available nor interested.  As a young Muslim woman, she does not casually date. Adam can’t help himself, and the more he sees her, the more he wants to be with her forever.  She is a shy as a deer, and Adam must tread carefully if he wants to win her heart. Her father worries she will bring shame upon him in her friendship with Adam. Raina feels attacked from all sides as she tries to navigate Adam’s feelings for her while at the same time figure out her heart’s desire.  


“A Silent Prayer” is story of unrequited love, as Adam yearns for a love that Raina can never give him.  The tale focuses mainly on Adam pursuing Raina, and her simultaneous attraction to him and rejection of his love.  It is a one-dimensional tale which needs more depth to keep it from monotony.  There are also significant backstory allusions which could have used more explanation to enhance the plot. The dynamics of a Muslim woman living in the Western world are interesting, as Raina tries to live out her faith in a culture that doesn’t always understand her morals.  Readers will yearn for Raina to respond to Adam’s love, and heal from the hurts in her past.


Victoria Z. Burg