She Wore Mourning


When private investigator Zachery Goldman agreed to investigate the death of a young man named Declan, he never expected it to take the turn it did. Doing it more as a favor to the boy’s grandmother than anything else, Zachery is soon swept up in the mystery and intrigue surrounding the boy’s death. Things get more intense, however, as Zachery begins to get mysterious threats to stop investigating a case, which slowly escalates into much more than just threats. Now Zachery must work out what really happened to Declan all while trying to keep himself alive, deal with a possibly jealous ex-wife, and potentially fall in love again. 

“She Wore Mourning” is an interesting, thought-provoking book that addresses some critical issues, including mental health. Having a main character with so much depth and complexity adds another layer to the book and gives readers the ability to connect with him on a deeper level. One issue the book has, however, is a tendency to do a lot more showing than telling. Much of the book is just Zachery learning tons of information with pages of dialogue. Moreover, some bigger issues addressed in the book are not fully hashed out at the story's end, leaving readers wondering what the truth really was. Despite its issues, the book is one that will keep readers on their toes as they try to figure out the mystery before the final page. 

Hannah Hurdle