Set Up

Cheryl B.
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Amanda is in a bind!  Her sister Nicole lost her engagement ring while gambling in Las Vegas and Amanda has agreed to help get it back.  She is surely dressed for the part. Her henna rinsed red hair and tight black dress are sure to attract the attention of playboy, Callaway Mills McIntyre III, the man who now owns that ring. She can’t believe she is doing this for her sister Nicole.  Amanda has always looked out for her sister and continues even though both are adults. Upon searching for the ring, however, it is found that there is more missing form Cal’s safe than the ring -  his diamond studs and a diary are also gone! So begins a dramatic saga of mystery and travel as Cal and Amanda try to figure out what actually happened to her sister in Las Vegas and try to recover the missing items from his safe.

What fun! Just when the reader thinks the mystery is solved, Ms. Dale adds another twist to the plot and confuses the assumption. The characters are well developed if a bit complicated.  Callaway’s character is a playboy who does little or no work, Amanda is the typical big sister, hard working, selfless and dependable with a younger sister who seems dependent on her. The author fleshes out the intricacies of each, until their personalities become delightfully multi-faceted, keeping them from becoming stereotypically dull.  Ms. Dale also does a masterful job of keeping the reader guessing through out the entire book, making this a mystery to discover!
Rose Mary Espinoza