Secrets of Catalpa Hall

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Melody Moon is an author. Her series of the "Double Uglies" reflects her misfit childhood. Searching for a refuge for her young daughter after an accident, Melody buys Catalpa Hall and returns to her past. It is only after buying the old place that she realizes that the acreage includes a pond holding dark secrets.  These secrets are still able to destroy her and the happiness she may find.

Gideon Black is a successful antique dealer who shares Melody's misfit past but not the same secrets. Though he still wears the port wine birthmark on his face and neck, adulthood has given him so much more than his childhood tormentors once took from him.

In this story, the protagonist and Romantic Lead, are great characters, uniquely created.  The secondary players, however, need more, especially when it comes to attempted humor.. Lapekes uses flashbacks to further the mystery and keep one guessing. While this is accomplished, the abruptness often causes jarring shifts in the story. There are also times one character’s analysis of a situation runs into another's, creating confusion. One of  most enjoyable points is in the villian. Ms. Lapekes does a wonderful job at helping us dislike him!  Overall, the story is good, a very nice read,  it’s just not a page turner.

Erin Murdock