Searching for Sarah


LGBTQ: Sometimes the people who are the closest are the ones who are the farthest. Tom is a loving brother. Nina is the best sister he could ask for, but when tragedy strikes in their adult life and their moments together end, the only way Tom can get to know the pieces of Nina he missed is to read her journals. As a proud Dominican, Nina placed family and hard work first. She blazed a trail through law school and right into a high-paying position with a respected law firm. She visited her mom as often as possible and spoiled her brother’s kids every chance she got. But Nina had secrets. She kept her personal life private for a reason. If Tom wants to truly understand his sister’s heart and unlock the mystery of Sarah, he’ll have to read the words Nina left behind.

Readers looking for an engrossing love story wrapped inside a captivating family drama will find it and much more in “Searching for Sarah”. Phillip Vega’s tale of family secrets, love, regret, and hidden romance snares readers and leads them on a rewarding journey to a shocking, emotional end. The chemistry of the romance is clear and present, though the emotional investment between the lovers could have achieved even greater heights. Mr. Vega’s well-crafted plot is carried along by titillating journal entries and real-time segments in Tom’s life. Flashbacks through Nina’s life flesh out the missing pieces, making “Searching for Sarah” a complex, but smooth read. This heartfelt, respectful LGBTQ read will leave the reader honored to have been invited into the sacred space of honest love and enduring family bonds.

Starling Gray