Sea Of Secrets

De Wees

This gothic tale unfolds as Oriel Pembroke goes to live with her aunt, the former Duchess of Ellsmere.  She has been disowned by her father and her brother has just been killed in the Crimean War. She is welcomed into the family and develops a special bond with the young Duke Herron, who is dealing with the mysterious sudden death of his father. The smooth surface of this family, however,  is marred by suspicions that Herron's father was murdered ... possibly by his uncle, who has just married Herron's mother... The Duchess of Ellsmere. What really happened?  Who is playing false and what will be the cost of discovery?

Amanda DeWees's got gothic!!  Written with lush and intelligent prose, DeWees has crafted a beautiful  and suspenseful novel that is a pure pleasure to read!  The haunting setting and well drawn characters entice one to read on and on, way past bedtime. DeWees's fine use of writing skills allows the reader to thoroughly enjoy the tale she has woven. The only way this book could have been better was to have read it on a rainy day, in an overstuffed chair, warmed by a cozy fire ... (sigh)

Beth Chamberlain