Scarlet at Crystal River (The Haunted Shores Mysteries Series Book 3)


PARANORMAL: Darrell and Erin Henshaw are newlyweds on their honeymoon. Swimming with manatees, jogging on hiking trails, Christmas shopping, and visiting the beach are all on their agenda. One night, after they go to bed, Darrell hears weeping. He investigates and knocks a painting they bought off the counter. The back rips and he sees a picture underneath of two young children, about five or six years old. The weeping is coming from the painting, and there are tears on the children’s faces. Darrell was forewarned something like this would happen at his bachelor party. There was a seer there who said to expect two visitors on his trip. He presumed them to be otherworldly because he is “sensitive” and has seen ghosts before. Thus begins his and Erin’s hunt for the children in the picture, which unearths a lot of corruption and pure evil.

“Scarlet at Crystal River” is a mesmerizing story which consumes the reader from the very beginning! Darrell Henshaw is a thought-provoking individual because of his peculiarities. Not only does he see and hear ghosts, he also has a severe case of OCD, so germs are his nemesis and order rules his life. Mr. Overbeck is a fantastic storyteller; and when he describes the world, one can visualize the scenes with the manatees and feel the gritty sand under one’s feet. The hunt for the children is chilling with a menace around every corner. The villains are truly frightening as Darrell and Erin follow the scant clues to the horrifying conclusion. This is perfect for those readers looking for a mystery that will keep them on the edge of their seats and up until the wee hours!

Belinda Wilson