Saving Grace

Fagan Hutchins

Katie Connell felt she had a great life as a partner in a prestigious law firm. But after her parents sudden death in an “accident” in the Caribbean, she started drinking. Her brother, Collin and her paralegal, Emily thinks she needs a little time away. After a horrendous melt down in court she finally agrees and decides to quit her job and go to St. Marcos to regroup and try to find out exactly what happened to her parents.

Annalise is a beautiful dilapidated mansion on St. Marcos and it captures Katie's imagination immediately. The spirit of the house seems to beckon to her and on a whim, she buys it. Now she has two new purposes in her life - to restore this house to its former glory and to follow the trail that leads to her parents' death. 

Even though Katie Connell is depressed and broken Hutchins infuses her with vitality and humor. Yet the reader would have a hard time finding any real clues to the solving of the mystery of the deaths of Connell’s parents. The author depicts the setting beautifully and the characters are colorful and lovable.

Rose Mary Espinoza