Sacred Silver (Silver Mystery, Vol. 2)


All Abby Strickland wants to do for the holidays is relax, read a good book, and spend time with her puppy, Simon. Maybe even spend some time with the handsome Ryan. But when a sterling silver chalice disappears from the local church, Abby is drawn into the investigation due to her expertise in sterling silver. The Chief of Police asks for her help, which she reluctantly gives, and tries to help solve the puzzles that are uncovered. The investigation turns out to be much like a treasure hunt, with puzzles made out of letters and words cut from a newspaper. When Abby uncovers where the next step in the game will be, the Pastor from the church thinks her mistaken. She follows up clues on her own, and witnesses a murder. Will she be able to help the local police find the murderer in time before anyone else loses their life?


While “Sacred Silver” is book two in the Silver Mystery series, it does stand alone, although reading the first book might be in one’s best interest. The story starts out a bit slow, but does pick up about two thirds into the book. Numerous editing issues need to be addressed, but won't slow the reader down too much. The characters, while interesting, could use more fleshing out, and the mystery needs more suspense. The pastor of the church wasn’t very pastor-like, and was rather unlikeable. The sterling silver information was quite interesting, and Ms. Reiss has done her research well. If one is into mysteries, silver and interesting bad guys, this just might be the ticket.


Lynne Bryant