Room Service and Murder


Casey Cooper was promoted to her new position at the Fountain Rose Resort and Spa after a scandal with her manager and a co-worker.  Her new title of Director of Customer Relations means that she works closely with celebrities.  She becomes close friends with soap opera actress Phoebe Phord during her visits to the hotel.  When Casey goes to Phoebe’s room to deliver a package that she was urgently waiting for, instead she finds her lifeless body.  The police initially believe Phoebe’s death was a suicide, but Casey thinks foul play was involved.  She works to prove her friend didn’t kill herself.  Additionally, she has a new hunky general manager, Max Sheridan.  When another hotel employee is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Casey is more convinced that something else is happening at the hotel.

The fact that she is not a professional makes Casey’s investigative struggles endearing to the reader.  As she tries to find out what happened to her friend, she puts herself in some tenuous situations.  Her relationships with her friends and co-workers are also explored, which give the reader more insight into her personality and depth to her character.  The interactions between her and those that she considers suspects show a different side of her…one that is cautious but still looking for the truth.  Casey is the kind of person that the reader would want to be friends with and certainly would want in their corner if ever in trouble.  The twists in the mystery keep the reader always wondering what will happen next.  Here’s hoping there is another book in this series!

Stephanie Shaw