River of Shame


Ashland, Oregon is a paragon of diversity. But, the town has a hidden dark side, one that has finally been exposed. Detective Radhauser is very troubled by the sudden burst of racist and homophobic hate crimes and messages being reported. His personal life is also full of anxiety. His wife has just given birth, but their joy is tempered by the cancer treatments she is about to begin. Radhauser is torn between his family and work, but when the case hits close to home, his entire focus turns to stopping a killer. 

This fourth installment in the Winston Radhauser addresses many prevalent issues facing the country today, such as attacks stemming from embolden racist organizations, addictions, and other disturbing crimes that are becoming easier to commit. The author does a nice job handling sensitive topics, approaching them with the seriousness they deserve, without veering off course. The plot is multi- layered, with well-timed and surprising twists. The story has a sinister air of realism, which makes some passages very difficult to read.  There are a few racial slurs in the novel. However, they are relevant to the story, and not gratuitous. Radhauser’s inner thoughts are revealing and sensitive.  However, his interactions and dialogue often felt stiff, or contradictory, especially with his family.  However, the mystery and crime elements are quite impressive. The conclusion is absolutely riveting! Mystery fans will truly enjoy this one!! 

Julie Whiteley