Attempting to free herself of past hurt and current disdain from co-workers, Detective Jenn Simms agrees to go undercover to crack open a drug ring. During her undercover stint, one of the men makes the decision that she needs to be in on a bet to win a yacht. Her cover is quickly blown, if it was intact at all, and she is coerced into continuing to work with the drug dealer, Angel. No longer undercover, and being regularly threatened by Angel, Jenn finds herself on the open seas with a group of highly dangerous men. Everyone on the boat is trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else and it appears Detective Simms is often one step behind, until some shocking revelations make themselves known quickly helping her close the case and bring the rightful criminals to justice. 

A stalwart attempt to engage the reader in a world of wealth, greed, and back-stabbers while succeeding in carrying the title of a good, quick read. A majority of the descriptions throughout the book falls short of their intended mark, but others seem to pop off the page. The main emotion the reader feels is confusion as there are inconsistent character behaviors and cardboard cutouts pretending to be people. However, the point of view shifts are handled mostly masterfully and the romantic undertones are likely to cause smiles across a wide audience.

Yannie Sorensen