Redemption Lake


Tucson, Arizona  is home to the tormented teenager Matt Garrison. He has held on to the secret of his 12 year-old cousin's death and is now implicated in the murder of his best friend's mother. The secrets and tangled stories are starting to become too much for Matt, and create more harm in his life than he can handle. His sister Sedona is a Nancy Drew in the making and when push comes to shove, the kids are determined to solve this mystery once and for all. 

Ms. Clayton-Goldner is one fine storyteller! The drama, suspense and mystery are done so well that readers will not see the result coming until it's upon them. There are many suspects and the guilty party is not revealed until the end. This fast-paced can be a difficult one, due to adult nature of the situations that Matt has to overcome. An average high school kid should not have to have so much on his mind, but the loyalty of friendship and the power of truth win out. Ms. Clayton-Goldner creates realistic twists and turns that will have readers enthralled until the very last page. A great summer vacation read!

Viola Robins