The Quiet Kill


Loeb Cohen is a well-known author whose books sell by the thousands. However, he doesn’t have much respect for either himself or his writing. Sitting at The Black Dog Cafe on a daily basis has become the norm, where he has struck up a strange relationship with a blue-haired waitress named Cat. As their strange relationship grows, Cat helps Loeb realize that he needs a break; a vacation from his writing and publishing world. Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend time in Alaska? Maybe he will ask her to join him? And just maybe….he can help her find out who murdered her aunt in Quill Creek in 1991.

Mr. Taylor has very idiosyncratic characters in “The Quiet Kill”. One wouldn’t think the juxtaposition of Cat and Loeb would work, but it oddly does. Mr. Taylor’s writing style is unique, however, and the story needs some editing work to help one stay within story. Also, there are some very strange uses of words that one will need a dictionary to look up to find the meaning. That, together with the editing issues, will cause a bit of head scratching and confusion. Mr. Taylor does a good job of keeping the villain close to the cuff. Change some of the bigger unknown words, have some editing work done and the rating would go up significantly.

Lynne Bryant