Purled and Poisoned: A Knitty Kitties Mystery


Tessa Wakefield is busy running her yarn shop, Unraveled, in Cape Discovery, the small town she moved to after her grandmother passed away. She lives with her grandfather, Harry, and her two kitties, Kit and Pearl. While attending the Christening of the newest baby in town, she stumbles upon the dead body of the baby’s mother later in the day. Who could murder a baby’s mother on the day of its christening? This question lingers in her mind. Before she can dismiss it, her high school nemesis beseeches her to put her sleuthing hat on and help her find the murderer in an attempt to save her family from breaking apart. Could it be a love triangle gone sour or, even worse, a vengeful thrust of venom from an enemy?

This suspense-laden book takes the reader through the hearts and the minds of possible murderers through the very tactful snooping skills of the lead character. The heat of the plot comes alive as the reader fears for Tessa’s life as she knocks on the doors, literally and figuratively, of the people who could be the actual murderer(s) lying low and waiting to strike. It could not get more intense. For readers who have read the first book in this series, they would really appreciate the different angles the author uses to make the storyline very appetizing. The two hunks in the story are a bit confusing, however. It is amazing how the author manages to infuse the knitting craft and two wonderful kitties into a full-blown murder mystery that keeps the reader thoroughly entertained from the beginning to the end.

JM Lareen