Protecting Amour ( A Maverick's Shield Novel)


Amour Graciette lost her mother when she was three.  When her very ill father reluctantly tells her that he doesn't believe it was from natural causes,  Amour takes matters into her own hands in order to find out more.  She flies off to Los Angeles where she meets bodyguard and private detective, Jason Kincaid.

Jason has all kinds of anger issues, and has been put on mandatory leave from his job until he seeks help. When he runs into Amour outside the police station, he offers to help her find out more about her mother’s death. They soon discover that Amour’s mom’s death was very suspicious, and the deeper they dig, the more dangerous it becomes. Threatening phone calls and murder attempts try to get them to stop their investigation but nothing will stop them from finding out the truth - including their feelings for one another, which are growing by the day.

“Love’s Protector” is full of mystery and intrigue. This story has great potential but needs to be more concise. There are bits and pieces inserted into the story that really don’t add anything to the overall tale. Amour seems to be a fairly intelligent character, but makes some really dumb decisions which causes some eye-rolling to occur. The story could also benefit from some editing, and proof reading. With some tightening and a closer look at mechanics, this book has the ability to be a great mystery!


Tonya Smalley