The Professor


Someone is murdering co-eds on college campuses.  The police are stumped, and everyone is terrified.  Mick O”Shaughnessy is an agent assigned to crack the case.  He’s trying everything, but the killer is leaving few clues.  He goes to a sorority to warn the young women about the lurking dangers, and while there, finds himself falling head over heels for Meg Connelly.  Meg is instantly attracted to Mick,also, but who wouldn’t be?  His hunky good looks and easy athleticism are a magnet.  But, Meg has a secret in her life that keeps her from responding to Mick’s good looks and charm, much to his disappointment.  Meanwhile, there is still a killer on the loose, and Meg becomes a target!  Mick works tirelessly to piece together the clues in order to save the woman he is quickly falling in love with.

 Cathy Perkins writes a serpentine tale of suspense and mystery.  Some of the descriptions of the actual police work are a little tedious, and do tend to make the story drag a bit.  Ms. Perkins chooses her words carefully to paint vivid pictures, this makes some of the parts such as the rape scenes somewhat graphic.  It befits a crime story very well but readers should be aware.  For lovers of great murder mysteries, though,  following Mick as he races to find the killer before the murderer finds Meg, then rooting for him as he traps a sadistic serial rapist and conquers the odds with the beautiful but resistant Meg is well worth the read!
Victoria Z. Burg