The Poisoned Clergyman (The Perfect Poison Murders Book 2)


HISTORICAL: Miss Poppy Morton, a clergyman’s niece, loves solving murders, but in the peaceful town of Hertford nothing ever happens. When Poppy’s uncle is called away, Poppy’s life is turned upside down. Mr. Charles Ingleby comes temporarily to replace Poppy’s uncle and moves into her home. Charles plans to raise money for a new church roof with a bake sale. While Charles is judging the baked goods, he mysteriously ends up dead, and the whole town becomes suspect. When Constable Henry Dyngley comes back to town engaged, Poppy must bury her feelings for him. Despite his betrothal, Henry asks Poppy to help him solve the murder. As Poppy and Henry find out who Charles is and get closer to solving the case, everything, including their relationship is tested, which could also put them both at risk.

This is such a marvelously put together story that any mystery buff will love! The second book in the series, there are some things that aren’t fully explained, however this doesn’t really detract from the story at all. The plot moves steadily, taking readers along for a harrowing ride. The conundrum of a murdered clergyman might start off simply, yet it keeps one guessing whodunit. The ever-moving plot heightens with each successive chapter until the very end. Poppy, the plain yet charismatic heroine is just delightful, while Henry comes off as a dense but handsome hero who has no clue, which can be quite exasperating and annoying at times. In the end, though, he isn’t a bad guy. Ms. Johnson writes a truly evocative, enticing read that manages to keep readers’ attention throughout!

Roslynn Ernst