Playing with Fire


Brooke Hamilton, a private investigator, has just taken on a huge case that could prove to be too dangerous for her. Even her criminal law father suggests the case is too large for her, especially if her prime suspect is powerful and wealthy. Detective Gabriel O’Reilly gets put on the case with her to investigate the races being rigged and the possible jockey homicide. However, with so much corruption in the police force, Brooke is left to figure out for herself if she should trust the new detective or take matters into her own hands. One thing is for sure, she will do anything to help bring justice, even if that means she is in danger.

“Playing with Fire” is a fast paced, action-packed mystery novel that will leave readers gasping for air! There is not a single slow chapter throughoutm, which keeps the story engaging without adding too much unnecessary filler. Brooke is full of passion for her career and for justice, which goes a long way in convincing the reader of the severity of the case. When Brooke's father is first introduced, the dialogue seems unusual for a father-daughter relationship; however, this later aids in the tension that resides between the two. The story building is full of life, and the character interactions are beyond typical dialogue, which make the relationships realistic. The last few chapters unveil several major plot twists that will leave the reader with whiplash as they try to make sense of each and every turn of events. Unputdownable!

Sadie Wilson