A Photograph of Love (Hell Yeah! Universe)


Trudy Selucas is a hospice nurse who has seen too many people die. She takes a vacation to Texas in order to try to unwind and pursue her photography hobby. She finds herself in a most awkward situation while on the hunt for perfect nature photographs: her pants around her ankles and a rattlesnake ready to strike her bare bottom. Lincoln Phister comes to the rescue, but he is an angry man who gets on Trudy’s nerves. His siblings see something special in Trudy and immediately take her under their wing, and into their farmhouse as their guest. As Trudy and Lincoln spend more time together, they learn that they have much more in common than they originally believed.  Will Trudy break through Link’s anger to see the true man inside? Will Link help Trudy realize that death is a part of life?

This novel is a well-written, fast-paced story about the differences in people that may actually bring them closer together. The characters are easy to connect with and each is independently likable. Readers will pull for them to make the final move to bring them together.  There are times throughout the book when they do not seem to connect in the way a romantic couple should. Each holds back from each other in a way that is frustrating for the reader at times. One scene in particular will have readers laughing aloud; the descriptions are extremely detailed and readers can visualize exactly what is happening. The story offers friendship, family loyalty, laughter, tears, mystery, and love. This is a definite read-worthy novel. 

Tina Donovan