Pharoah's Forgery: Karina Goes on Vacation (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 4)


Karina Cardinal is overworked and overtired. She's set to go to Mexico for her vacation, except her sister broke her leg and can no longer join her. Her FBI boyfriend is on a case, and her good friend is doing the Disney thing with the kids. About to cancel, her co-worker, Rodrigo, decides to join her. Meanwhile, her elderly neighbor asks Karina to pick up her mail while she's gone. Amongst the items is a package. When her neighbor asks Karina to bring the package with her to Mexico, Karina's antenna goes up, and she peeks at the contents. In Mexico, Karina and Rodrigo find themselves chasing after clues, trying to rescue Karina's neighbor and eluding bad guys who want what's in the package. It's going to take all of Karina's sleuthing skills and a lot of her friends to bring this case to a satisfying close.

“Pharaoh's Forgery: Karina Cardinal Goes on Vacation” is a spirited adventure through Mexico filled with entertaining characters and the mysteries of Egyptian Art! While this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read independently. It's clear that some relationships have developed over the series, but readers can easily follow. Karina is smart, curious, and loyal. She's a character readers can care about. Although it takes time for the mystery to take off, once it does the pace ratchets up. The disappearance of a funerary mask and the world of forgeries and black-market art create an intriguing and suspenseful mystery. Mystery lovers looking for a new series should look no further, and fans of Karina Cardinal, watch out! This is a keeper!

Tricia Hill