Peril in the Park (A Jamie Quinn Mystery #3)


In the third Jamie Quinn Mystery, our protagonist once again finds herself with some trouble when someone to threaten her and her boyfriend, Kip Simons. With someone vandalizing the county and Kip struggling to sort out problems in the Broward County parks, things are already complicated enough when a man turns up dead. Determined to help Kip, Jamie and her friends rally to help and just in time because when Kip goes missing, Jamie will have to race to find him before he disappears for good.


A cute amateur detective mystery, “Peril in the Park” is great for lovers of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys who need another quick mystery fix. The pacing is good and the cast of characters is colorful and engaging, although the mystery itself is simple and mostly occurs in the background while Jamie juggles drama. Despite Jamie being a sharp attorney her friends do a lot of the mystery solving while Kip tries to keep Jamie out of things for her own protection. The romance is light (as it’s already established) but it keeps a sweet undertone through the whole book. The true heroes of the story are actually the side cast, specifically the P.I Duke Broussard, whose eccentric quirks will leave the reader smiling.  A cute mystery for a free afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley