People Die in Sunshine: A Novel of Miami


Edith Weller, “Edy”, is a journalist who lands a life in the posh Silver Sands of Miami. Living with her adopted grandmother, Ooma Lovee, and adopted daughter, Sunny. Edy is experiencing a dream life until the double murder of the wealthiest penthouse owners. Edy and the other residents of the Silver Sands must provide information to the police as to the goings on of the uber rich. Meanwhile, Edy develops a relationship with the Silver Sands head of security, Roy Rogers, surprising her 15-year-old daughter. Who would have wanted the couple dead and will Edy stay off the suspect list as she narrates the story where she is also a suspect?

“People Die in Sunshine: A Novel of Miami” is a story that paints a dynamic and glamorous picture of the insanely rich of Miami, especially those in the real estate market. Gloria Nagy has a way of drawing readers in with excitingly lavish descriptions of their lifestyles. Unfortunately, the story has a rough start with exhaustively long sentences. The incredible amount of detail is appreciated, yet needs to be broken up to allow readers to digest what the hyper narrator, who is also the long-winded protagonist, is trying to convey. Readers may wonder why the narration could not have been a part of the over story telling rather than pulling them out in a stop and start fashion. Overall, this story of money and greed brings readers to Miami and lands them a thrilling ride of who killed the people that had it all.

Moira Wolf