Over The Top (A Dying to Be Fit Novel)


Claudia Monroe is the new owner of OverTheTop Gym and now she has one dead employee, one dead client, and someone gunning for her. She is forced to take the investigation into her own hands when the police seem not to take her seriously. Mitch has become not only her partner in the investigation but her bodyguard as well. Charlene is her donut-eating assistant and keeps Claudia moving and shaking. While trying to find out why someone wants her dead, Claudia desperately tries to promote her business and keep it afloat. Through funny situations and scary messages, Claudia does her best to keep the killer at bay.

Nancy Klotz is an excellent story teller! She is able to wrap humor, mystery, intrigue, and love into a tight little package that is “Over the Top”. She has an easy way with her words that draws a reader in and keeps them reading late into the night. The characters are honest and feel real but could be a little more developed so that the reader is able to feel deeper emotions from each of them. Overall, Ms. Klotz could easily be compared to a new Janet Evanovich or Jana DeLeon. From the donut eating to the stealth sleuthing “Over the Top” is just that, both in fun and excitement. 

Mary-Nancy Smith