One Moment in Time (A Family of Worth Book 2)


HISTORICAL/REGENCY:  Lady Roselyn Anne Winslow first clapped eyes on Edmond Worthington, the 9th Duke of Hartford, and her brother's friend, when she was twelve years old and instantly fell in love. Now she's a young woman entering society with her first London season and dreams of capturing the attention of the Duke. It doesn't take long for the Duke to be smitten by Roselyn's beauty and innocence. But Edmond has enemies--enemies willing to target Roselyn in their quest for revenge. As Roselyn achieves her heart's desire, the love and future she dreams of is threatened. Roselyn must use her wits and pray that her husband will arrive in time to rescue her before all is lost. When his wife is kidnapped, Edmond risks everything to fight for the woman he loves and vanquish his enemies once and for all. 

"One Moment in Time" is a sweeping regency romance that follows the courtship of Lady Roselyn and the Duke of Hartford through their marriage. There is plenty of romance, intrigue and suspense to keep readers turning the pages. Lady Roselyn is a spirited heroine who isn't afraid to take chances or risk her heart. Edmond is a hero who does not hesitate to fight for what he holds dear, and when his family is endangered, he does whatever it takes to rescue his beloved Roselyn. "One Moment in Time" will capture readers' imaginations and even more, captivate their hearts!

Tricia Hill